straight truck expediting

Straight Truck Expediting

Most trucking companies offer a limited range of trucks to meet their customers’ shipping needs. Most of the time, you will be limited to a 48′ or 53′ van’s flatbed or a refer trailer. What is the point of paying for a giant truck than you require? Generally, a straight truck is composed of a single frame with all axles. It comprises two or more separate structures connected by couplings to form one unit. With C5 Expedites’ fleet of straight trucks, you can choose the truck that best suits your hauling requirements. We aim to keep operating costs low and save time and money by providing straight trucks tailored to every shipment.

Why should you use straight truck expediting?

You can use Straight Truck Expediting to make it easy for you to move goods from one point to another. Transporting your goods by straight truck can be much more efficient and cheaper than transporting them by rail or air. Why do straight truck carriers make sense other than these obvious benefits?

  • Flexibility. You can rely on our trained and experienced drivers to take your goods anywhere in the world. Looking into opportunities for straight truck expediting may also save you money if you have a smaller shipment.
  • Safety and security. Ensure your truckload carrier is C-TPAT certified so that security is top-notch. A bonded carrier can transport your goods with well-trained drivers who are background checked and held to high safety standards.
  • Versatility. It is possible to transport almost any item via truck, including sensitive cargo and hazardous material. Just make sure you find a straight truck expediting provider that is experienced and who can handle the type of shipment you are shipping.

How do straight trucks typically measure up?

Most straight trucks have a length that ranges between 10 and 26 feet and a height that ranges between 8 and 10 feet. Their weight usually ranges from 10,000 to 26,000 pounds, depending on the model. There are straight trucks with higher weight limits, but they have restrictions, permits, and special licensing requirements. As a result, in this way, straight trucks are divided into small straight trucks and large straight trucks.

  •    Small Straight– A truck can load approximately 6 to 8 standard skids (48L x 48W x 48H). Straights are more cost-effective than sprinters and can carry more freight than sprinters. There are, however, some limitations in a solo driver’s ability to travel long distances on Small Straights.
  •    Large Straight– A truck of this type can usually transport up to 12 pallets of standard size (48L x 48W x 48H). The Large Straight provides good team service. As a result, you can ship the most freight for the longest distance, allowing you to maximize profit.

You should look for semi or straight truck drivers committed to meeting time-critical deadlines and looking for quality miles.

Our straight trucks 

The C5 Expedite team offers a full range of local, regional, and final mile freight services. As a straight truck delivery company, we provide service nationwide with our dedicated fleet of straight trucks expediting. Among our straight truck fleet are trucks ranging from 16 to 26 feet long with lift gate options. It is possible for straight trucks expediating to haul up to 12 skids, 11,000 pounds, or 1,700 cubic feet of materials.

If you are looking for a delivery service that can meet all your needs, including straight truck expediting, C5 Expedite is the right choice. Our expert team comprises professionals with a lot of experience who can provide high-level trust and teamwork to customers. We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers by offering real-time tracking for all shipments. Thus, it will ensure to keep you up to date on any pressing issues and can track your shipment. Our customer support team is also super responsive if you have any questions.

Why C5 Expedite for straight truck? 

Outsourcing your logistics to a straight truck company like C5 Expedite will give you a team that knows exactly how to deal with logistics challenges. Hence, help you plan every step of your freight delivery with intricate accuracy. We offer the following benefits:

  • Shipments to Canada with efficient door-to-door delivery and cross-border compatibility
  • Providing cost-effective solutions to supply chain challenges with a proactive and experienced team
  • Improved visibility for tracking freight and enhancing supply chain performance through sophisticated GPS technology
  • we ensure fully insured drivers and carriers with proper licenses to enhance safety and reduce potential risks.
  • Optimized production capacity, which allows for easy scaling and can accommodate seasonal surges in demand
  • A vast network of carriers delivers freight on time, so customers are happy.

We provide rush and same-day freight deliveries, next-day deliveries, dedicated service, and lift-gate deliveries with our straight truck fleet. Learn more about our Straight Truck expediting by contacting C5 Expedite today.

Expediting a shipment varies depending on the availability of units, freight amount, and location of pick-up and delivery.