Same Day Delivery

Same Day Delivery may not be a common occurrence, but when it’s required, C5 Expedite can help. C5 can provide a range of equipment to help transport your shipment. With ideal conditions, a sprinter van can deliver a shipment approx. 400 miles within an 8 hour day. The amount of freight and distance the shipment is will determine the type of equipment and driver service that is needed.

Most Same Day Delivery requests require only a solo driver and sprinter. However, other options can be provided upon request. For example liftgate/pallet jack service or white glove delivery.

Types of Equipment

C5 provides each shipment with a dedicated truck. That way you know each shipment is protected, and top priority. Below you’ll find a description of the most common types of equipment. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Allow C5 to help customize the most suitable option.

Sprinter – Sprinters can generally haul up to 3 standard size pallets (48L x 48W x 48H). They do not require a logbook, which gives the driver more flexibility with delivering on time. However, is that the total weight of the shipment may be limited. Sprinters can usually handle up to 4,000 lbs. In addition to limited weight, not every shipper or receiver can load a unit that is non-dock high. This is an important detail to consider when requesting a quote.

Most same day deliveries require only a sprinter (car/cargo van/sprinter) for deliveries. These shipments are generally smaller with 2 skids or less. Sometimes our customer only needs a small box urgently delivered to their customer.

Small Straight – In general Small Straight trucks can load 6 to 8 standard size skids (48L x 48W x 48H). The advantage to a small straight is that they can transport more freight than a sprinter and are more cost-effective than a Large Straight. However, Small Straights generally require the driver to maintain a logbook which limits the distance a solo driver can travel.

Large Straight – This type of truck can usually haul up to 12 standard size pallets (48L x 48W x48H). We’ve found that a team service is usually provided with a Large Straight. This allows you to ship the most amount of freight, for the longest distance.

There are shipments where a customer is requesting a large straight for same-day delivery. For example team service with inside delivery, to include offloading the freight with a lift gate and pallet jack. Then moving the freight inside of the warehouse.

Other options – There are special requests that can be provided as well.

  • Dock-high
  • Liftgate
  • Pallet jack
  • Load bars/straps
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Hazmat certification
  • White-Glove Service
  • Inside Delivery
  • Team Service

Tracking your Shipment

C5 Expedite has a Track and Trace Team staffed 24/7 so you know where your shipment is at all times. Email updates will be sent once the driver is on-site for pick up, loaded, during transit, at delivery, and once offloaded.


The cost of an expedited shipment varies based on the availability of units in the area, the amount of freight and pick up/delivery locations.