We are upfront with rates so there are no surprises. And while there are many factors that go into price. We have experienced industry averages.

Sprinter/Cargo Van – Range $0.80 to $1.8 per mile loaded

Small Straight – Range $1.8 to $3 per mile loaded

Large Straight – Range $2.5 to $4 per mile loaded

The best way to determine cost is to submit a quote request. We will follow up within 15 minutes.

Example Quote Request

Pick up: ASAP in Chicago, IL

Delivery: Next Day to St Louis, MO

4 Skids


2,800 lbs

13 Factors that Determine the Pricing of an Expedited Shipment

  1. The internal operational costs of the expedite carrier
  2. Deadhead miles to pick up zip
  3. Driver’s daily revenue minimum
  4. Special requirements (liftgate/pallet jack, hazmat, etc)
  5. Delivery direct or hold over
  6. Number of pallets (size)
  7. Delivery destination
  8. Weight of shipment
  9. Weather
  10. Shipper close time, forced to choose the closest option
  11. Weekend receiving hours
  12. Team v.s. solo driver (transit time)
  13. Fuel costs

First time requesting an expedited pricing quote?

Follow up by calling us at 715-887-3500. We’re here to help!

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