Expedited Shipping VS. Other Shipping Services

A Detailed Guide To Comparing Expedited Shipping With Other Shipping Services

Delivery methods and logistics costs differ based on margins, e-commerce fulfillment strategy and how you deal with logistics, customer locations, and much more. The expedited shipping timeline of one online store might be standard to another. Here is how expedited services compare to other shipping and delivery times.

Expedited shipping versus standard shipping

Standard delivery services are typically the cheapest shipping option for online stores and customers. Based on the fulfillment provider and carrier utilized, standard shipping within USA means between three and seven business days from when the order is dispatched to when it arrives on the customer’s doorstep.

A few shipping companies boast two-day delivery as their standard, while others make it clear that standard delivery means you will need to wait a little while to receive your order. Stores in the latter category generally offer an expedited delivery alternative, such as next-day or two-day delivery, for customers who need their packages quickly.

It is essential to note that the majority of retailers count shipping time depending on when the order is shipped, not when it is placed. This signifies that if an order is placed with two-day shipping selected, those two days do not necessarily consist of order processing time – particularly if that time falls on a weekend or holiday.

Expedited shipping versus express shipping

Based on the retailer and carriers involved, expedited shipping and express shipping can have a variety of meanings or utilized interchangeably. In general, when both express and expedited shipping options are offered, express shipping is quicker, often meaning next-day or two-day delivery, while expedited simply means “quicker than standard”.

Next-day or two-day shipping

For a few retailers, expedited orders are considered premium shipping options, shipped with a next-day or two-day turnaround, while for others, two-day delivery is standard. The same as all shipping options, the way these terms are positioned differs from store to store.

Reasons online stores are supposed to offer expedited shipping services

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The following are some of the key benefits of offering expedited shipping options on an online store:

Lessen cart abandonment

49% of shoppers have abandoned a cart as a result of unsatisfactory delivery options. When your customers check out, are there a variety of shipping options available, including affordable and quick options?

Offering a reasonably priced expedited delivery option can help prevent the abandonment of a shopping cart and add to conversions for an e-commerce store.

Meet customer expectations around ship time

67% of online shoppers have selected between competitors depending on the convenience of delivery options.

These days, customers look forward to quick, reasonably priced shipping everywhere they shop online within a short time frame that they can count on. With big-box e-commerce companies offering two-day shipping and free shipping options, not offering expedited shipping options will hurt your conversion rates.

Build customer loyalty

The typical e-commerce store generates 48% of its revenue from repeat purchases. When customers get their delivery quickly, and on time, they may be more likely to buy from you again.

On the other hand, 33% of shoppers are likely to not shop with a retailer again following a negative delivery experience, and negative reviews based on transit times or shipping charges are likely to dissuade would-be purchasers.

Offering expedited shipping without killing your margins

Shipping expedited orders can be expensive, but it does not have to be. The following are some of the most promising ways to keep shipping quickly and affordably:

Require a minimum spend threshold

One way to offer expedited shipping while staying profitable is by requiring a minimum spend threshold – particularly if you intend to provide free expedited delivery. For this option to make sense, the amount of money a customer spends to qualify for expedited shipping must be greater than the average order value. Requiring a minimum spend to qualify for free expedited shipping can even help increase the AOV of sales.

Distribute inventory to ship from multiple fulfillment centers

Due to the way shipping zones work, the less distance a package travels, the faster and less expensive it will be to reach your customer. By distributing inventory to multiple fulfillment centers near your customers, you can get more customers quickly with ground shipping. And the more people you offer expedited ground shipping to – at a fraction of the cost of expedited air shipping – can ultimately help lessen abandoned carts.

Is expedited shipping worth the added cost?

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Regardless of size, all shipments can be expedited when there is urgency involved. If you need freight delivered within a strict time frame, expedited shipping is worth the cost. The following are a few examples of when expedited freight shipping is a viable option:

  • Parts are required to maintain operations when critical machinery breaks down at a mining facility.
  • Manufacturing deadline that necessitates timely inventory replenishment.
  • A medical facility in need of emergency tools and supplies.

The above scenarios are typical, but expedited services can be utilized whenever you have a need for express delivery. The additional cost offers the benefits of speed, less handling, real-time delivery updates and additional security of your goods.

Logistics involved in expedited shipping

Expedited shipping typically entails just a single mode of transportation, shortening transit times. With expedited freight shipping, you can usually track the shipment at any given time. This luxury provides you with peace of mind, knowing the urgent shipment is on track.

Freight companies will help in the logistics of shipping from start to finish. Online quoting tools provide you with up-to-date freight shipping rates from a variety of carriers with an array of service levels – allowing for the most effective process.

Do you have a shipment to book?

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