Understand Expedite Shipping

All You Need To Know About Expedited Shipping

We would like to share with you a way to ship your merchandise quicker, thanks to expedited shipping.

Let’s face it. Regarding shipping, the delivery time is one critical element that influences businesses and customers’ choices. And we can all agree that the lower it is, the better it is!

From shortening the time it takes for your items to arrive at their destination to boosting the satisfaction of your customers, expedited shipping can impact quite a few aspects of your business. So, if you have not heard of expedited shipping yet or searching for lessening delivery time of your merchandise, this blog has been written for you! Keep on reading and discover what expedited shipping is, how it works and why you should think about it.

What is expedited shipping?

Major carriers offer Expedited shipping to businesses or customers who would like their packages delivered in a shorter time. Where with standard shipping, the delivery of a package within the same country can take between three and five days, expedited shipping generally allows to lessen the delivery time to under two business days – and at times, as quick as a single day!

How does expedited shipping work?

You would have understood that Expedited Shipping is quicker than regular shipping and helps deliver items quickly. But how does it work exactly?

To fulfill those shipping deadlines, the carriers usually deploy transportation trucks with a non-stop journey. From picking up the items to be delivered to dropping them at the door of its final destination, the truck in charge will not make any stops. This allows them to lessen delays in shipping significantly.

And if we are talking about long distances, a few carriers may even send two drivers so that they can drive in shifts.

How quick is expedited shipping?

Now that you have become acquainted with the way expedited shipping works, you might wonder how quick expedited shipping is?

Delivery times can vary on the logistics companies you are working with, the shipping options you opt for, the locations of origin and destination and the additional cost you are willing to shell out for a quick shipment.

At the same time, as expedited shipping options can move your item overnight and get it delivered in a single day, others may not be as quick. Typically, all carriers considered, it can take up to two days. The shipping services might even be affected by the package’s weight, size and destination.

When shall you make use of expedited shipping?

Expedited shipping is your preference if you need to expedite or accelerate the speed of transit of a parcel, as expedited shipping takes priority over other forms of shipping.

To expedite your shipment to meet specific deadlines, such as a crucial business meeting or maintenance pieces that need to reach their destination immediately. It can even opt for time-sensitive shipments that need urgent or overnight delivery, such as for medicinal purposes.

Expedited shipping can even be brought into play to offer an excellent service to your customers and guarantee a super-fast delivery of your items.

Advantages Of Expedited Shipping for An Online Store

Why would you need express shipping, you might wonder? Well, when it comes to customers and businesses, expedited shipping offers a lot of advantages that make it worthwhile:

  • Make your customers happy

The majority of customers are happy when they receive their packages quickly. This leaves them with a good impression regarding your company. One obvious advantage of expedited shipping is the delivery of the package in a shorter time.

These days, as shipping times are getting faster and faster, it is essential to be capable of meeting the expectations of the customers. Therefore, expedited shipping can be one of the most promising ways to do it.

  • Get a new competitive advantage.

Expedited shipping helps differentiate yourself from your competitors. Suppose a customer is thinking about purchasing one of your goods or one from a rival company at the same quality and similar pricing. In that case, shorter shipping delays could make the difference in selecting your company over your competitor.

  • Increase sales

Since expedited shipping enhances the overall customer experience and helps them get their packages quicker, it can even lessen the cart abandonment rate and improve the conversion rates on your e-commerce website.

Dwell on how many times you want to purchase a gift for somebody to realize at check out that the only available shipping option would not deliver the item on time?

Remember, you may turn down this option and opt for something else – that would get it there quicker?

If your business offers expedited shipping, this case could avoid. And this has been proven by a June 2021 PWC consumer insight survey.

Therefore, quicker deliveries increase sales!

Considerations While Using Expedited Shipping

There are several things to mull over when you decide if expedited shipping is right for your e-commerce business:

  • Shipping time – The several carriers offering expedited shipping can have different time delays. Ensure to select the one that fits your needs.
  • Cost – Expedited shipping can be more expensive in contrast to standard shipping. Premium service is not free!
  • Carrier restrictions – Expedited shipping is not available on all products. There might be limitations based on the weight and size of the package. Ensure that they fit the requirements.
  • Tracking – Not every expedited shipping carrier offers real-time tracking. If you wish to track your parcel or the mail you are sending, mull over the ones that have it and ensure it is displayed in the quote.

As you notice, express delivery is a beautiful option for online companies. That would like to offer a new shipping option with a one or two-day package delivery t. It will speed up your logistics process. Add to your sales, and make your customers happy – it is all in there!

If you are searching for a leading company that offers expedited shipping. Do not hesitate to get in touch with C5 Expedite. To find out how we can help you, feel free to call us at 715 887 3500 today!