Expedite Shipping Solutions

A Guide To Comparing Expedite Shipping Solution And High-Priority Shipping Solutions

When standard delivery times and options do not fit your needs, you can choose from two different solutions:

  1. Expedite Shipping Solutions, and
  2. High-priority Shipping Solution

These fast-shipping solutions offer unique advantages for shippers – from speed and accuracy to enhanced safety and security. At the same time, as both options can offer faster-than-average transportation times, there are a few differences to mull over. Take a look at these solutions, and know when each is right for your business.

When do I need expedited shipping?

Expedite service offers quick pickups, fast transit times, and exclusive-use equipment. High-value products, shipments that need the quickest ground transportation possible. And, expediting can help temperature-sensitive freight that is required to be delivered swiftly.

To learn more, check out the following:

  • When you need high-value temperature-sensitive equipment delivered quickly

For instance, a hospital in Wichita, KS needs a medical imaging device delivered from a company by the end of the day. Because the machine is delicate and valuable, it should travel in temperature-controlled equipment with no other freight.

In this case, the expedited shipping solution would be the right option. Even though other transportation options may be able to accommodate such a shipment in a single day, the request for temperature-controlled equipment makes this suited for expedited service.

  • When you are shipping high-value freight that necessitates close monitoring and quick delivery

Expedite shipping is the way to go to deliver high-value shipments to a distribution center several hundred miles away. With the capability of monitoring trucks through geo-fencing technology, and team drivers available for the fastest overnight shipping with speed and agility, the expedited shipping solution offers everything you need to transport valuable freight.

  • When a shipment needs to move quickly, but it will not be ready for pickup during normal business hours

If an order needs to get on the road fast but will not finish production in time for normal pickup hours, call the expedite team. The freight can be picked up 24 x 7 to help keep deliveries on schedule.

When would I need high-priority shipping?

These days, you can get freight services to make quick deliveries on a particular day or at a particular time. Any shipment that necessitates something other than standard delivery times could need high-priority service. This entails trade show supplies, freight that needs overnight air transportation, and things that are required to be delivered or picked up within a specific timeframe.

Look at the following imaginary scenarios to learn more:

  • When there is no option but to meet a day or time-specific appointment

For instance, a business in Wichita, KS, only accepts deliveries from 1 – 3 P.M. If a company in Houston, Texas, needs to get products there within that delivery window in two days, the company would need to use time critical. Even though this distance is short enough for standard transportation times to work, a time-specific or day-specific appointment necessitates this service.

  • When an accurate delivery time is required to meet an installation schedule

Use time-critical or high-priority shipping to install office doors in a new building. It will help to get them there precisely promptly. A shipping company can arrange an accurate delivery time that fits your installation schedule. This will avert freight from staying in an empty building and keeping the crew on track.

Count on C5 Expedite for Expedite Shipping Solutions

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